Spa Facilities

We have a range of Spa facilities for you to enjoy.
Many of these are included in our Spa Packages, or if not,
you can add them to your visit to create your own Spa experience. 

The Super Spa

Also known as the Hydrotherapy pool, the Super Spa is a huge, super deluxe Jacuzzi with advanced water features, including two powerful water jets. Improves circulation and mobility, reduces symptoms of sciatica and helps ease rheumatic and arthritic pain. Builds up muscle after injury and revitalises and invigorates.(35 Celsius)

Gym & Hotel Guest £10PP/ Non Member £15PP (45mins) 



The Saunarium

A more gentle treatment than the standard Sauna, the Saunarium has an  ambient air temperature of 50 Celsius, with an aromatic atmosphere and colour changing light therapy to stimulate the senses. The raised body temperature is beneficial to the healing process.

Gym & Hotel Guest £5PP/ Non Member £10PP (30mins)  



The Rasul

The Rasul Chamber is a relaxing 30 minute cleansing therapy, in a gentle steam environment (40 Celsius, 100% humidity). The Rasul chamber reproduces features  from ancient Turkish treatments, using special muds which contain moisturising oils, which have a deeply hydrating effect.  You apply the muds to your face and body, and relax in the warm steam of the Rasul for 20 minutes, after which a refreshing rainforest shower washes off the mud, leaving you with beautifully moisturised, soft skin.

Gym & Hotel Guest £20PP/ Non Member £25PP (30mins)  



The Physioacoustic Chair

Provides a deep massage technique that uses low frequency sound waves, which pulsate through the entire body, penetrating muscle and tissues. The result is total relaxation, reducing stress levels and tension. It is known to help alleviate back pain, improve circulation, ease arthritis, lower high blood pressure and reduce anxiety, whilst boosting the immune system.

Gym & Hotel Guest £5PP/ Non Member £10PP (40mins)   

The Heat and Water suite

Our warm and relaxing wetside comprises:

Relaxation pool  - an intimate swimming pool with a pleasant temperature of 30 Celsius and depth of 1.4 metres, making it appealing to all abilities.

Sauna  - dry heat: 95 Celsius

Steam room -  wet heat: 46 Celsius with a pleasant aromatic atmosphere and

Jacuzzi - 36 Celsius and lots of bubbles! 

Gym & Hotel Guest FREE/ Non Member £10PP

Also within the complex is a full Nautilus gymnasium with extensive cardiovascular and weight training equipment